University of Wisconsin-Green Bay

Fall 2021

Democracy and Justice Studies 101: Introduction to Democracy and Justice Studies

Democracy and Justice Studies 198: First Year Seminar: Birth of the Police

Political Science 100: Global Politics and Society

University of Wisconsin-Madison (Teaching Assistant)

Political Science/International Studies 439: The Comparative Study of Genocide
Teaching Assistant for Scott Straus, Spring 2020

History 277: Africa: An Introductory Survey
Teaching Assistant for Neil Kodesh, Fall 2019

International Studies 523: Culture and the Global Workplace
Teaching Assistant for Online Course of International Internships Program, Summer 2019

African Cultural Studies 277: Africa: An Introductory Survey
Teaching Assistant for Matthew Brown, Spring 2019

Political Science 160: Introduction to Political Theory
Head Teaching Assistant for Daniel Kapust, Fall 2018

Select Awards and Honors

Continuity of Instruction Award, College of Letters & Sciences
Recognizes L&S graduate students who provided exceptional continuity of instruction support to their department and delivered exceptional student experience in a remote instructional setting during the COVID-19 pandemic.
University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2020

Professional Development

Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program Training Institute
Temple University (virtual), July 11-16, 2021 (40+ hours) (credential details)

The Discussion Project Training
Wisconsin Center for Education Research, University of Wisconsin-Madison (virtual), June 1-10, 2021 (14 hours)

“Abolitionist Restorative Justice Workshop,” Two-part intensive training
Training to build solidarity within and across communities of color through engaging in liberated narratives, identifying and rejecting complicity in white supremacist culture, and collectively manifesting justice
Transformative Action Network, July-August 2020 (8 hours)

“Wiki Scholar Training,” Six-week immersive course
Course on how to research and write Wikipedia articles on state responses to the COVID-19 pandemic
Wiki Education, June-July 2020

“Remote Readiness,” Five-part webinar for transitioning to online instruction
Access and Accessibility, Assessment and Activities, Communication and Collaboration, Content and Sharing, Course Outcomes and Storyboarding
University of Wisconsin-Madison, March 2020 (7.5 hours)

“Indigenous Political Science: Opportunities for Innovation and Inclusion” Pre-Conference Short Course
American Political Science Association Annual Meeting, August 2019 (4 hours)